Low carbon and environmental protection injects green energy into the pulse of the earth. Upholding the development concept of “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, China Datang has established a sound environmental management system which promotes energy conservation and emission reduction capabilities. It saves energy resources, protects the ecological environment, which helps achieve the carbon peak and carbon neutrality goal.
  • On June 22, China Datang Corporation Ltd. held a press conference in Beijing to officially release the  China Datang Corporation Ltd. Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Action Plan .
  • The world's largest wind farm, Datang Saihanba Wind Farm has created a green miracle for wind power in alpine region, delivering more than 3 billion kilowatt-hours of clean power to the Northeast China and northern Hebei every year.
  • China Datang’s first independently developed offshore wind power project, Datang Guoxin Binhai Offshore Wind Power Company generated 885 million kWh in 2020, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 738,600 tons.
  • Datang Dongying Power Generation Co., Ltd. has put into production two million-kilowatt ultra-supercritical, secondary reheat, six-cylinder and six-exhaust steam coal-fired generating units, providing a demonstration for the construction of clean and environmentally friendly thermal power plants.
  • Located in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, China Datang Changdatu Photovoltaic Project, with a total installed capacity of 300MW, is currently the largest coastal tidal flat photovoltaic project combining fishery and PV.
  • Hebei Datang International Tangshan Beijiao Thermal Power Co., Ltd. replaced 75 coal-fired small boilers with supercritical cogeneration unit in Tangshan City, an important move to improve the air quality in Tangshan City.
  • Guoyuan Mining Longwanggou Mine, China Datang’s first 10-million-ton-level super-large mining project, built 18 hectares of greening area, making every effort to build a “safe, smart, and green” mine.
  • Longtan Hydropower Station, which has set many world records such as the highest RCC dam and the largest underground powerhouse,carried out fish breeding and release activities in the Hongshui River, Guangxi in 2020.
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