Zhang Chuanjiang Meets with Ishida Mitsunobu, Senior Executive Vice President of Mitsubishi Power (China)


Zhang Chuanjiang, Vice President of China Datang , met with Ishida Mitsunobu, Senior Executive Vice President of Mitsubishi Power (China) on Thursday. The two sides had friendly exchanges on further deepening cooperation. 

Zhang welcomed Ishida’s delegation and introduced the industrial development of China Datang. Zhang said, accelerating green and low-carbon development, China Datang is vigorously promoting the clean and efficient use of coal, speeding up the diversified development of clean energy, and the rational and orderly development and utilization of green hydrogen. We’re promoting the coupling development of coal chemical industry with green electricity and green hydrogen, and then put the transformation and upgrading of green and low-carbon industries onto a fast track. Adhering to the concept of openness and cooperation, China Datang hopes to conduct in-depth communication and exchanges with Mitsubishi Power (China) around the green and low-carbon development, and deepen practical cooperation in the areas of green hydrogen production, energy storage, gas turbine technology innovation and O&M services. 

Ishida thanked China Datang for its support to Mitsubishi Power (China) and introduced Mitsubishi Power's technological innovation and business development. He said, Mitsubishi Power (China) is committed to providing customers with all-round technology and diversified solutions, and hopes to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with China Datang in the fields of gas turbine innovation and O&M services, hydrogen energy and energy storage, so as to achieve win-win development.

Responsible persons of relevant departments of China Datang and Mitsubishi Power (China) attended the talks.