Senior Executives to visit Inner Mongolia


On February 17, Zou Lei, Chairman of China Datang Group Co., Ltd., and Liu Mingsheng, President  met with Sun Shaocheng, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and Wang Lixia, Chairman of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, in Hohhot.



Sun Shaocheng said that Inner Mongolia and China Datang have very good cooperation for many years. He called for sharing development fruits together between Inner Mongolia and China Datang by expanding investment on large renewable energy projects in Inner Mongolia, and further supporting local enterprises in the refined management and the utilization of new energy.


Zou Lei noted that China Datang has three "world first" in Inner Mongolia, and Datang is actively optimizing its assets in Inner Mongolia. In the next step, China Datang will further increase its investment in Inner Mongolia with new energy, green coal chemical industry, green hydrogen and other fields to better support the development of Inner Mongolia.



Before the meeting, China Datang signed strategic cooperation agreements with the People’s Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Inner Mongolia Energy Group Co., Ltd. Wang Lixia and Zou Lei attended the ceremony and witnessed the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement.


China Datang is a super-large power generation group directly managed by the central government. It has invested and constructed a large number of projects in thermal power, new energy, coal, coal chemical and other fields in Inner Mongolia. According to the agreement signed this time, China Datang plans to increase its investment in Inner Mongolia by 100 billion Yuan in the next five years, and carry out all-round, in-depth and diversified cooperation with local enterprises in the fields of wind power, solar energy, green hydrogen production, new energy storage, clean coal power, coal mining, coal chemical industry, urban heating, etc., to realize win-win situation between its enterprises and local government.