Wind, Solar, Hydro, Thermal, and Storage Integration Projects with a Total Investment of 60 Billion Yuan Start Construction



On June 15, China Datang announced the start of construction of a batch of large-scale energy base projects and wind, solar, hydro, thermal, and storage integration projects, with a total investment of 60 billion Yuan.


China Datang began construction of 64 projects, with a total installed capacity of 11 GW, covering Shaanxi Weinan, Hebei Weixian, Guangxi Hongshui River, Hunan Loudi, the first batch of national large-scale wind power photovoltaic base projects, as well as the west and north wind, solar, thermal and storage integration projects, inland wind, solar, and storage integration projects, and southwest wind, solar, hydro and storage integration projects and multi-energy complementary efficient clean coal power projects.


In the first half of the year, China Datang has started 6,210 MW of renewable energy projects, with 10GW expected to be started construction and 7,000 MW expected to be put into operation for the whole year. The annual plan is to invest 72.5 billion yuan in large and medium-sized projects, while accelerating the development of large-scale wind power photovoltaic base projects in deserts, Gobi and desert areas. China Datang is committed to promoting the green and low-carbon transition, enhancing energy security capacity, and boosting the healthy and stable national economy.