Zou Lei Visits Collège de France


Zou Lei, Chairman of China Datang, paid a visit to Collège de France and had a friendly exchange with Jean-Marie Tarascon, professor of Collège de France and member of the French Académie des Sciences, on May 8.


Tarascon welcomed the visit by Zou and his delegation, and introduced in detail the development of new energy  electrochemical energy storage (EES) at Collège de France, as well as the research in the fields of energy storage technology and material application, strengthening testing to optimize the efficiency of EES, and combining scientific research and industrial application.


Zou Shared China Datang’s achievements and development of energy storage with Tarascon. He said, as new-type power system develops and new energy grows, energy storage will play an increasingly important role in the future energy system. China Datang is willing to strengthen exchanges with Collège de France and the research team led by Professor Tarascon, explore cooperation opportunities, and jointly make greater contributions to the future development of energy.


On the same day, Zou had talks with Stefan Czerny, Cheif Financial and Administrative Officer of Polysoude, on topics such as world energy situation and outlook, and strengthening cooperation in the field of equipment and technology applications.


Executives of relevant departments and enterprises of China Datang participated the meetings.

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