Zou Lei Holds Talks with CEOs of French Energy Enterprises


Zou Lei, Chairman of China Datang, engaged in friendly talks with Luc Rémont, Chairman and CEO of Electricité de France (EDF) and Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and CEO of TotalEnergies, in Paris on May 7.


The discussions between Zou and Rémont, which took place on the morning of May 7, focused on further deepening strategic cooperation between the two enterprises.


During the meeting, Zou provided an overview of China Datang's development and the company’s key plans for accelerating its green transformation.


Against the backdrop of the global trend towards green and low-carbon development, China Datang has sped up its green transformation by taking proactive measures in areas such as large-scale energy base construction, energy storage, and new energy, Zou said, noting that the company sees potential for expanding cooperation with strategic partners like EDF in the field of green and low-carbon development.


Pointing out that China Datang has been actively exploring overseas markets, Zou said he hopes that the two sides will further strengthen communication in third-party markets and give full play to their respective technological and managerial strengths to achieve win-win cooperation.


Rémont welcomed Zou and his delegation, and briefed him on EDF's key strategies and development.


He highlighted two major priority areas for deepening cooperation between the two sides, namely further achieving complementary cooperation in the low-carbon field through the application of new technologies in the Chinese market and actively exploring cooperation in international markets of common interest.


He called for strengthened coordination and communication between relevant teams of both companies, with the aim of achieving tangible cooperation results at the earliest opportunity.


On the afternoon of May 7, Zou met with Pouyanné, Chairman and CEO of TotalEnergies, and they had a cordial exchange of ideas about enhancing bilateral cooperation.


Zou introduced to his counterpart China Datang's efforts in accelerating its green transformation and its international business. He noted that China Datang is responsible for guaranteeing more than half of the electricity supply for Beijing, playing a crucial role in ensuring stable power supply for the capital city.


Keeping pace with the global trend of low-carbon development, China Datang is committed to expediting its green transformation and has made specific plans for the development of new energy sources, he said.


China Datang has been actively pushing forward with clean energy projects in Southeast Asia and Central Asia, and is ready to strengthen its cooperation with TotalEnergies in the clean energy sector, both in China and in third-party markets, Zou said.


Pouyanné welcomed Zou and other representatives from China Datang, and made a brief introduction to TotalEnergies' development in new energy as well as its efforts to expand presence in international markets.


He expressed admiration for the rapid and efficient growth of China's new energy industry, and said he hopes the two sides will maintain close communication in the development of new energy projects and natural gas supply in the Chinese market, as well as clean energy development in third-party markets, so as to achieve substantive results in their cooperation at an early date.


Other executives from relevant departments and subsidiaries of China Datang also attended the aforementioned meetings.

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