“Datang Star Class” opens in Cambodia Moli Tuol Kruos Middle School

2020-06-19 TANG Guixia

In order to spread the knowledge of power and enhance the friendship between China and Cambodia, on June 19, 2019, the Chinese and Cambodian employees of the Cambodia Power Grid Project Department of Datang Shandong Electric Power Maintenance and Operation Co., Ltd. formed a lecture team of "Datang Star Class" and entered Gru Middle School in Pursat, Cambodia to deliver a special class of electricity knowledge for its students.

"How is electricity generated? How is it transmitted?" With such questions, Sun Yunlong, a member of the lecturer team, initiated the learning of students. Taking the example of Pursat Substation, which his company is running, he explained to the students how electricity is generated, how power is distributed and transmitted via Cambodia grid, in an effort to give students a preliminary understanding of basic power knowledge and the Cambodian grid. In order to let students understand and grasp electricity safety knowledge, the lecturers used electricity safety cartoons to vividly explain electricity safety knowledge through Q&A. The lecturer team also did an interesting dual-control switch experiment with the students. The students themselves connected the circuit and felt the joy of the success of the experiment. The lecturers also explained the methods of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the use of fire extinguishers to help students master basic knowledge of emergency and first aid.

After the class, the company gave electric fans, football, volleyball, skipping rope and other supplies to the students, who have learned the knowledge and felt the joy brought by the vivid and interesting activities. The students surrounded the lecturers one after another to have more in-depth talks with them.

The event attracted the track shooting of Pursat Province TV in Cambodia. Pursat Province TV and media from Pursat Ministry of Public Information reported on the event. Through this event, a bridge was established between Datang and the local people.

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