China Datang helps extremely poor Banlan Village in Guangxi out of poverty

2020-06-19 LI Yang

Recently, the Office of the Leading Group for Poverty Alleviation and Development of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region issued a notice verifying that 15485 filed poor people in 245 households in Banlan Village, Dahua County, have been lifted out of poverty as scheduled, which was part of 2019 poverty alleviation plan. The poverty rate fell from 65.31% to 2.37%, which means that the whole village is out of poverty.

Banlan Village in Dahua County is one of the extremely poor villages in Guangxi aided by CDT. Banlan Village passed the verification successfully and took the lead in getting rid of poverty. In the year-end assessment organized by the autonomous region, the assessment team randomly selected 15 households in Banlan Village, such as pre-poverty households, out-of-poverty households, marginal households, exit households, and non-out-of-poverty households, to conduct household verification. They checked each household on such parameters as income, access to electricity, access to television, stable residence, access to drinking water, etc. Eventually, Banlan Village passed the verification with authentic, high-quality materials and data and was lifted out of poverty.

It is reported that in 2019, China Datang established 17 poverty alleviation workshops in Banlan Village, renovated dilapidated houses for 70 households, supplemented housing areas for 31 households, built 177 family water cabinets, contracted the planting of more than 600 mu of plums and more than 90 mu of grapevine, which laid a solid foundation for poor households to reach the goal of poverty alleviation.

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