Cambodian rural road donated by China Datang completed


On May 3, 2020, the completion and opening ceremony of Cambodian rural road donated by CDT was held in Pursat Province, Cambodia.

H.E.Suy Sem, Cambodia Minister of Ministry of Mines and Energy, said that the completed village road in Kropeupi Township is about 20 kilometers long and is jointly funded by Datang and himself. The completion of the road will solve inconvenience of local people when traveling on rainy days, which benefits the local people. He went on to say that since China Datang invested in Cambodia, it has successively funded the construction of the reservoir area road and the teaching building of Suy Sem Noti Setha High School. It also donated to the Cambodian Red Cross every year and regularly fund school activities. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic this year, China Datang has donated anti-epidemic materials, making contributions to the fight against the epidemic in Cambodia.

Qiu Huibin, general manager of Cambodia Hydropower Development Co.,Ltd. and Cambodia Power Grid Co.,Ltd., said that China Datang has received support and assistance from the Cambodian government and people since it invested in Cambodia. China Datang will fulfill its responsibilities and obligations and conscientiously build and operate local projects. They will continue to strengthen cooperation with all sectors of Cambodia and strive to make contributions to Cambodia's development and China-Cambodia friendship.

China Datang started imvestment in Cambodia in 2009 and built 120MW Stung Atay Hydro-electric Project and 296km-long Phnom Penh-Pursat-Battambang 230 kV power grid project. The completion of the projects have greatly improved the power supply in Cambodia and played a huge role in helping Cambodia's economic and social development. They also help to improve the production and living conditions of local people, improve the investment environment and create many jobs.

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