The 3rd “Datang Star Class” comes to successful close

2020-06-19 JIANG Yazhou

On June 30, 2019, CDT’s third "Datang Morning Star Classroom" activity ended successfully. A total of 115 companies participated in this event, which popularized the knowledge of power production and safe power consumption among more than 10,000 teachers and students, and was praised by all walks of life.

This event presents three major characteristics: First, combined with the delivery of power knowledge, it inspires the happy growth; second, combined with targeted poverty alleviation, it helps the poor by broadening their horizon; third, combined with the construction of Belt and Road, it enhances overseas exchanges.

Since the launch of CDT's "Datang Morning Star Classroom" cultural activity, it has taken lighting the "Bright Star", firing "Smart Star" and nurturing "Future Star" as its brand connotation, and combined it with targeted poverty alleviation, fulfilling its corporate mission to help the poor to be richer and wiser. It organizes employees to serve as “Morning Star Lecturers”, who go to both urban campuses and remote villages, enter schools in targeted poverty alleviation villages, schools for children of migrant workers and special education schools, etc., as well as foreign countries alongside the Belt and Road. The lecturers not only deliver power safety knowledge but also inspire happy growth. The "Datang Star Class" activity has been carried out in various provinces and municipalities in China for three consecutive years, and has extended to Cambodia, Laos and other countries. A total of 272 Datang enterprises have participated in the activity. People’s Daily Online, Xinhuanet and have reported on it.

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