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China Datang Corporation Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. was established in December 2013. It is an important platform for CDT to build science and technology innovation system. It is also important for CDT to accelerate development mode, improve science and technology innovation and be better and stronger.

CDT Science and Technology Research Institute aims to serve the construction, production, operation, reform and development of CDT, providing technology service for power generation assets in service and under construction. It tackles technology problems encountered in production, operation and construction. Closely focusing on the development of future high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries, it carries out cutting-edge technology R&D and is a central research institution of CDT that integrates technology supervision center, technical service center, technology R&D center, and technology information center.

CDT Science and Technology Research Institute insists on "equal emphasis on power engineering technology research and energy technology economic research, equal emphasis on technical services and scientific technology research", and strives to develop four pillar businesses of "energy policy research, high-tech R&D, power engineering technology research, and energy engineering consulting services", contributing to the scientific development of CDT.

Since its establishment, it has set up four regional institutes in Northeast China, East China, Central China, and Northwest China in 2014, undertaking technical monitoring work for 12 thermal power enterprises with a capacity of 14,810MW for Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan area and multiple wind power units across the country. It provides important technical support for CDT’s design optimization, energy saving and emission reduction.

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