China-aided Warehouse of Santo Amaro Power Plant Inaugurated in Sao Tome and Principe


Chinese electric power assistance team in Sao Tome and Principe held an inauguration ceremony for a new integrated warehouse at the Santo Amaro power plant on April 23.


The event was attended by Hélio Lavres, Director General of Sao Tome and Principe's Water and Electricity Company ( Empresa de Agua e Eletricidade, EMAE), Clério Boa Esperança, Director of Electricity, Adelino Pontes, head of Santo Amaro Power Plant, and all experts of the Chinese electric power assistance team dispatched by China Datang.

The warehouse was funded under the phase-4 project of China’s Forign Aid for Sao Tome and Principe’s electric power sector. With an area of around 200 square meters, the warehouse's ground floor is used to store spare parts, and the second floor is an office area.


At the inauguration ceremony for the warehouse, Lavres expressed gratitude to the Chinese government and China Datang for its long-standing assistance in the power sector, which has benefited the well-being of the local people.


Construction of the warehouse began on December 14, 2023. The new warehouse is expected to significantly improve spare parts storage conditions and enhance efficiency in the utilization of spare parts at the power plant.



We’re honored to receive appreciation from EMAE for our achievements in the phase-4 electric power technical assistance. Since 2017, China Datang has provided four phases of electric power aid for Sao Tome and Principe, ensuring the safe operation of Santo Amaro I Power Station for over 2,600 days.

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