Zou Lei met with Dongfang Electric President Yu Peigen

2021-01-12 Zhou Gang


On January 5, Yu Peigen, President of Dongfang Electric Corporation, led a delegation to visit China Datang. CDT Chairman Zou Lei, Vice President Liu Guangying, Peng Yong warmly received Yu Peigen and his delegation. The two sides reviewed the progress made in cooperationand reached consensus on further deepening strategic cooperation. 


Zou Lei welcomed Yu Peigen and his delegation to visit China Datang at the beginning of the new year, and highly affirmed the cooperation between the two sides. He briefly introduced the reform and development of China Datang, saying that China Datang and Dongfang Electric jointly shoulder the responsibility of promoting energy revolution, ensuring energy security, and promoting clean, low-carbon and green energy development. He believed that the cooperation between the two sides has broad prospects. Entering a new development stage during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the two sides will implement the new development concept and further deepen strategic partnership by strengthening resource coordination, jointly advancing technology R&D and carrying out all-round cooperation in the fields of equipment, technology, service, capital, and overseas, thus creating a new model for supply chain and industry chain cooperation, better serving the "CO2 Emissions peak" and "carbon neutrality" goals, and contributing to build a new development pattern.

Yu Peigen sincerely thanked China Datang for its long-term support and help to Dongfang Electric. He said that Dongfang Electric and China Datang have complementary development advantages and broad cooperation prospect. Dongfang Electric is willing to strengthen strategic planning coordination with China Datang, deepen all-round cooperation in the energy field, and promote technological innovation and low-carbon green development. The two sides can carry out in-depth cooperation in emerging industries such as smart power plants, distributed heating, hydrogen energy, and energy storage, jointly develop overseas markets and promote the transformation and development of energy industry.  

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