Chen Feihu met with HMTC Richard Burn

2020-06-16 BY ZHOU Gang and ZHAO Peng



On October 21, 2019, Chen Feihu met with Richard Burn, HM Trade Commissioner for China, at CDT headquarter. The two sides had talks on further strengthening cooperation.
  Vice President Liu Guangying, Vice President Ren Wei and Energy Commercial Counselor of the British Embassy in China Matt Ashworth participated in the meeting.

Chen Feihu extended welcome to Richard Burn and his delegation, and gave a brief introduction of CDT. He pointed out that China and UK have broad prospects for energy cooperation. China Datang insists on expanding cooperation and hopes to further deepen the cooperative relationship on the basis of the strategic consensus between China and the UK to jointly explore the international energy market and promote low-carbon, clean and efficient development.

Richard Burn spoke highly of the achievements of China Datang. He pointed out that the Sino-British relationship has advanced greatly and the enterprises of both sides have cooperated closely. In view of complementarities, the two sides have broad prospects for cooperation. He welcomes China Datang to strengthen cooperation with British enterprises to carry out all-round cooperation, especially in the field of clean energy, and to play an active role in deepening bilateral cooperation.

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